Sweet Dreams are Made of These: How to Style a Bed

Isn’t it wonderful to come home to a warm and cozy bed? Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom and a vital component for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s sleep is crucial, and being in a comfortable bed will increase your chances of sleeping well.

Follow our bed styling tips to achieve maximum comfort and style:

Bed: The right bed will set the tone for the style of your bedroom. If you have a laid back style you may like a wooden or iron bed for a more formal and sophisticated look you may like a upholstered or tufted headboard. If you have a small room you might want to get a bed with a built-in bookshelf, drawers, or space for under the bed storage.

Sheets: Material matters! Flannel or silk sheets retain heat and are great for colder weather. Linen and cotton are great sheets for warmer weather. Thread count also makes a difference – the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets!

Comforter vs. Duvet: The primary difference between a comforter and a duvet is that a comforter is used alone and a duvet requires a duvet cover. A common analogy is that a duvet is like a pillow and a duvet cover is the pillow case. Comforters and duvets can both be filled with down, down alternatives, synthetic materials, silk, or wool. If you like to change the style of your room often a duvet and duvet cover may be a better choice because you can switch it as easily as switching your sheets. Comforters often don’t fit in normal washing machines so people usually wash them less often and use a top sheet.

Pillows: Pillows can be filled with down-feathers, poly-cluster fill, synthetics, or memory-foam. If you like soft pillows you’ll like down-feather or poly-cluster pillows. If you like medium support you should opt for synthetic fill. For maximum support opt for memory-foam. Did you know that you should choose a pillow based upon how you sleep at night? If you sleep on you back you should have medium support, if you sleep on your side you should have firmer support, and if you sleep on your side you should have soft support.

Shams: Show off your style with shams that match your bedding. Most shams will come with a set with sheets and a comforter to complete a specific look. If you choose to go with a duvet, choose sham covers that match the rest of your bedding.

Accent Pillows: Complete the look by placing one or two accent pillows on your bed. Incorporate different styles, textures, or colors to make your bed stand out.

Throw: Some people choose to add a throw for additional style and added warmth on chilly nights. Choose a neutral color that will blend in with the existing palette to keep the look simple and sophisticated.

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