Instagram Inspiration: Interior Designers to Follow

The goal of decorating your home should be to reflect your taste and to create a space where you enjoy spending time. Stay up to date on new interior design trends to inspire your design updates. Whether you’re moving to a brand new home, or sprucing up your old one, there’s always room for inspiration.

Follow your favorite interior designers on Instagram for instant inspiration. Here are a few interior designers we admire.

1. Jonathan Adler: Jonathan Adler’s Instagram feed is beautiful rooms filled with colorful throw pillows, duck figurines, and gorgeous flower arrangements. Follow Adler for inspiration on decorating with bright colors, patterns, and quirky accessories.


2. Emily Henderson: This interior designer turned style blogger keeps her Instagram feed filled with colorful art and sleek design trends. From serene bedroom setups to brightly lit sunrooms, you can find plenty of insight on her feed.


3. Grace Bonney: Bonney has an eccentric, abstract design aesthetic. From geometric patterns to colorful quilts, Bonney is bound to make you want to add some life to any room.


4. Kate Arends: Arends has a simplistic design style. She favors clean lines, white walls, and a clutter-free home. Follow her if you hope to achieve a clean, modern look for your home.


5. Caitlin Wilson Textiles: Caitlin’s feed is filled with crisp, simple spaces with vibrant pops of color thrown in. Caitlin is known for her textiles and her pillows, furniture, and decor that can complete any room. Try adding a few pillows to your couch or bed for a budget-friendly upgrade.


6. Studio McGee: Syd and Shea McGee, the husband and wife behind Studio McGee have a classic, timeless, and preppy aesthetic. Their designs often incorporate white, gold, and pastels. They certainly follow their motto which is to, “Make life beautiful.”


You should make your home decor decisions based on what makes you and your family feel good. Advice and inspiration from professionals is just an added bonus that might spark your interest to try something new!

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