A Real Estate Career

Recently I made the decision to go into Real Estate,  the most flexible career I could find, with a husband out of town most of the time and a teenage daughter at home.  So I started this process back in September. The  first step, I went to a United Real Estate seminar, where I learned most of the information I needed  to get started.

First thing I needed to do, was get started on my Iowa license, eventually I will be licensed in Nebraska and South Dakota.  So the second thing I did was  take the 60 hour online self-study course (was really hard to just sit at a computer).  I started the process in October and finished around the end of December, 2013.

Additionally, in October, 2013,  I started the process for my background check  (not knowing how long this could take). I went to be fingerprinted, sent the fingerprint cards back to the state of Iowa so they could do my background check.  And on December 23rd, 2013 I sent them back to me,  saying they were unreadable. So after the first of the year I had my fingerprints redone and then resubmitted them to the state of Iowa.  The back ground check would finally be done around February 14th, 2014.

Thirdly, I had to take 3 classroom courses .  Two of the classes I was lucky enough to take right here in Sioux City, in November, 2013.  The third class was cancelled. So I had to drive to Mason City IA, and wouldn’t you know, it was on Feb 14th (not the best way to spend Valentines Day, but it worked best with my schedule).

On January 18, 2014 I went to Council Bluffs to take the real estate exam, my family could tell you I got really stressed out over it, (not a very good tester).  But I passed, nerves and all.

Finally  I needed to find a broker, so I went to speak with Virginia and Kyle at Century 21 ProLink.  I loved all the training they had to offer,  just because you took the class does not mean you are completely ready.  I got a really good feeling, like it was the place I needed to be, but I still needed to go back and speak with United Real Estate, nothing against them but it was a no brainier to me, I belonged at Century 21 ProLink. I got all set up with them, started spending more time around the office so I could learn more, because you may never know it all.

After all these steps, I finally got my license  for Iowa on Feb 20, 2014.

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