Community Spotlight: JOLLY TIME

Did you know that at the first Thanksgiving in present-day Plymouth, Massachusetts, Quadequina, brother of Chief Massasoit of the Wampanoag Indians, offered a deerskin bag of popped corn as a gift to the English colonist? Almost three centuries later, an enterprising Northwest Iowan played a central role in bringing pop corn out of obscurity and making it one of America’s favorite snacks. That entrepreneur’s name was Cloid H. Smith, better known as C.H.

In a gutsy move in 1914 C.H. founded American Pop Corn Company in the basement of his home at 2727 Nebraska Street. Over the next 100 years , first he and his son, Howard, then his grandsons, Chesley and Wrede, and great grandsons, Carlton and Garry, would compile a record of “firsts” unparalleled in pop corn history.

The family-owned company created the first brand-name pop corn: JOLLY TIME, a label that long ago became synonymous with fun and quality.


A little more info on this Sioux City company:

The American Pop Corn Company of Sioux City, Iowa, is an independent and family-owned company that, for more than 100 years, has produced and marketed JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, the first-ever branded popcorn. JOLLY TIME offers a variety of traditional, microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn products in grocery stores nationwide and in nearly 40 countries around the globe. It has the only microwave and Ready-to-Eat popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers®.  JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is gluten free and is made using GMO-free popcorn. Learn more at


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