Checklist Before You Buy

  1. Evaluate possible repairs/immediate improvements.  Ask the seller to work on repairing them or to incorporate it into your bidding.
  2. Hire an expert to do your own home inspections as well as attend them if possible.
  3. Know all of the vital systems that connect to the house (electrical, sewage, heating, air conditioning, garbage disposal, and water.) Investigate the ins and outs of these systems.
  4. Examine potential neighborhoods with a 24 hour perspective. Are there any dogs howling at 3AM? Again be sure there are no regular surprises.
  5. Do multiple practice commutes. One day is not enough time to judge the next 5+ years of driving to work.
  6. Purchase an environmental report.
  7. Be certain that your furniture, electronics and appliances will fit into their new home.
  8. Know the local political landscape. Are there any issues you should know about? Make sure you understand how utilities, schools and public services are funded.
  9. Perform an energy audit. Confirm that your budget will match what your new home is going to cost on a monthly basis.
  10. Research the local area to understand its economics, climate, and variables that will be part of your long-term lifestyle.

So if you’re considering a move, or hear that any family, friends, neighbors or colleagues are, please feel free to contact us.


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