Sweet Spots by Jessica Kern

Siouxland is the place to be! I have a long list of ‘Sweet Spots’ in the area and I’m more than happy to share a few of them with you…

On those long nights of showing homes and writing offers, I like to stop at my favorite taco joint:  Jim’s Burgers!  My go-to quick meal is 3 asada tacos and some horchata to drink.  I like to help out small businesses, and the food is great, so it’s definitely a favorite.

Sometimes, I enjoy taking my dog to the Bacon Creek Dog Park. She enjoys playing with the other dogs.  There is also a nice walking trail around the creek that is pretty private with great views of nearby cows and such.  Walking is great exercise and helps to keep my blood pressure down after some tough negotiations, so I try to get out as often as I can.  I don’t make it out to Bacon Creek as often as I would like, but at least I enjoy walking in my neighborhood.  It sure beats the treadmill!  If you are looking for a nice neighborhood to walk in, give me a call. 😉

In my free time, I enjoy going shopping at yard sales and thrift stores in the area.  Thrift shopping is especially helpful for those of you moving into your first home.  You can find appliances, furniture, home decor, and more!  One of my favorite thrifts is the MOM Thrift in Transit Plaza.  They just recently moved from Correctionville Road.  They are a nonprofit organization that helps people transition out of homelessness. See their story here!

If you haven’t checked out these ‘Sweet Spots’ yet, I would definitely encourage you to do so 🙂

-Jessica Kern

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