How to survive the Holidays with Your Family

The holiday season is about being grateful, giving back, and spending a copious amount of time with your family. Sometimes being around your family so much can go to your head. If you have a dysfunctional family filled with big personalities, it can be treacherous at times. Here are some tips to help you get through the holidays with your family.

1. Smile and nod: The best way to avoid probing questions and unsolicited advice is to agree. Make like a bobble head doll and smile and nod.

2. Stay in the kitchen: Hide in the kitchen. No one will come in because that means they’d have to help with setting the table or washing dishes.

3. Overpowering Christmas music: When things start to get heated at the dinner table take to the radio to blast “All I Want for Christmas is You” at a ridiculous volume. Tune out the fighting. Everyone will thank you – and hopefully start singing along.

4. The kids: Pull up a chair at the kid’s table. They’ll keep you entertained, and they don’t have strong opinions on politics or your life. They probably won’t ask you why you aren’t married yet or whether or not you are dating someone. Kids always save the day, plus they have coloring books and would rather discuss Play-doh than Plato.

5. Read a book: Get lost in a good book. There are so many good reads to help you escape the drama and make your family seem normal. For example, check out Where’d You Go, Bernadette or Beautiful Ruins.

Good luck.


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