Suite Luxury Tips For Your Bedroom

Question: Could you share a few budget-friendly ideas my clients can use to add value and comfort to their master bedrooms? John Spadaro, CENTURY 21 Universal Real Estate, Chicago, Illinois

One of the biggest influences on today’s master bedroom is the boutique hotel suite. I’ve designed many and can tell you that turning your bedroom into a five-star experience is easier than you might think. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

• Unburden walk-in closets with an armoire for “him.” He can place his suits there and keep the two of you from fighting to get dressed every morning.

• Lean a great mirror with a thick frame up against a wall. It can function as a full-length dressing mirror while adding architectural interest to your room. And of course, it visually expands the space as it bounces light from wall to wall.

• Add a beverage station and mini fridge. For a little money, you can get a coffeepot, bottled waters, and even a mini bar. Have that first cup of coffee or last glass of wine in private, away from household commotion.

• Consider replacing worn wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood flooring. It wears better and adds value to your home. Add area rugs for comfort—they’re investments you can take with you, should you sell your home. Remember how wonderful a fuzzy sheepskin or all-natural-fiber shag rug feels on bare toes?

CHRISTOPHER LOWELL, an Emmy Award-winning interior designer and TV host, is known for doable design advice that nets stunning results.


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