How To Style A Coffee Table

A coffee table is a focal point of any den or living room. Style your coffee table to show your personality and create an area that your family and guests will love!

Here is our list of essential items for your coffee table:

1. Box: Conceal clutter by storing remotes in a covered box.

2. Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers make a big difference in a room. If you are hosting company, put a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table. A succulent or cactus is a great year round alternative to flowers.

3. Coffee Table Books: You can find coffee table books in almost any bookstore. They are books that are intended to be a distraction or conversation starter for guests. They are usually large hardcover books. We recommend having a stack of three books on your table.

4. Candle and Matches: Burn your favorite candle and keep a beautiful matchbook nearby.

5. Photo Album: Place a small photo album on you coffee table so that your guests can look through your pictures and reminisce.

6. Paperweight or Figurine: Place a paperweight or figurine on top of the stack of books. Choose a conversation starter or something quirky that shows your personality.

What essential items would you add?

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