How to Style a Centerpiece

Use your centerpiece to infuse personality and creativity into your dinner party or event.

Here are seven creative and simple centerpiece ideas that you and your guests will love!

1. Flowers: Flowers are a very common centerpiece. Choose flowers that complement one another and match the decor of your room or the theme of the event. You can put multiple types of flowers together or display different types of flowers separately throughout the table. Get creative with how you display the flowers! Try using wood boxes, ginger jars, mason jars, or an assorted array of vases.

2. Shells: If you are hosting a summer party, fill a vase or pretty container with sand, shells, sea glass, and coral.

3. Wishing Well: Fill a vase with pens and strips of paper then ask all of the guests to write something. If it is a New Year’s party, have people write one New Year’s resolution. If it is a Thanksgiving dinner, ask people to write down one thing they are grateful for. If it is a party where someone is honored (e.g. a birthday party, graduation party, or engagement party), have your guests write down a message, piece of advice, or wish for the special person.

4. Fruit: Fruit makes a quick and easy centerpiece. Fill vases with lemons, limes, apples, or oranges for a fun pop of color!

5. Candles: Dim the lights. Place candlesticks around the table or fill shallow dishes with tea lights.

6. Candy: For a birthday party, Valentine’s day party, or casual event, fill vases, mason jars, or dishes with candy!

7. Lanterns: Lanterns are excellent for outdoor events and, especially, romantic occasions like wedding and anniversaries.

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