Spring-Inspired Paint Colors

Spring is here and you may feel the need to do a little redecorating. Whether that is simply trading out your heavy blankets for light linens, or switching your curtains to a lighter cotton material, there are countless ways to bring the spring season into your home. If you really want to change up the look and feel of your home, consider repainting. There is nothing like a bright blue bedroom or serene yellow walls to add some life to your home. Take color psychology into account when you choose paint colors. For example, blue has been found to make people calmer, and green has been found to make people concentrate more.

Start the season with these spring-inspired paint colors.

1. Benjamin Moore Jet Stream: This soft blue is filled with hidden lilac undertones, resulting in a peaceful and serene blue. It creates a very soothing feeling, perfect for a bedroom or nursery!

2. Benjamin Moore Peony: If you want a bolder look, try this bold purple color. The color of some flowers, this peony purple will breathe life into whatever room it graces.

3. Sherwin Williams Classical Yellow: As the name suggests, this is a classic yellow. It’s pale in shade, but bright enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Yellow is the signature color of spring, so why not add it to your home? It’ll brighten up any room in no time.

4. Sherwin Williams Julep: This color is a tad bit darker than your typical mint julep, but it still screams springtime! It’s the perfect mix of teal and green, giving off a deep, spring vibe.

5. Pratt & Lambert Moss Green: With just a subtle touch of green, this incredibly light shade goes with any room. It has gray undertones and would be a great accent color.

There are so many incredibly beautiful paint colors that can add a bit of the springtime season to your home. Whether it’s bold, or barely there, these colors may bring something special to your home.

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