Snow Safety for the Home

When the winter months hit, one thing is guaranteed — snow. A wintery white wonderland laid out on your lawn is a beautiful sight — when you’re cozy and safe inside your home.

However, snow can be very dangerous when it’s not handled properly. Here are three ways to help keep your family, and your home, safe this season.

1. Prep beforehand: It’s always best to be prepared when you know there is a snowstorm coming. Have an emergency kit, snow removal tools, and flashlights on hand because once the storm hits you won’t be able to leave the house to acquire these items.

2. Remove snow from entryways first: When you go outside to shovel, be sure to remove snow from basement stairwells, windows, and walls first. Getting the snow out of these places quickly will prevent the snow from entering your home when it melts.

3. Pay attention to where snow accumulates: If snow is building up on the lower part of your roof, be weary of removing it. When you’re removing snow from a higher level, it can cause damage to you and your home. If there is too much snow, or you are worried for your safety, call a professional for help.

Now that you know these snow safety precautions, enjoy the weather. Go sledding in the backyard or curl up by the fire with hot chocolate and a good book

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