Removing Carpet: 3 Things to Know

Old carpet can be an eyesore for many homeowners, as it can collect dust and age the room. If you are put off by the wall-to-wall covering, consider removing it. You might improve your home aesthetics and increase your home’s value by doing so. Here are three things to know before you get started.

1. Decide What to Do with Your Old Carpet

Figure out what you want to do with your carpet before you remove it, so you’ll know whether to save the integrity of the material while working on it. An ecofriendly option is to recycle it, but that may cost an additional fee. However, if you think this is right for you, you can find out more from the Carpet America Recycling Effort. You can choose to donate if your carpet is in good condition, or even save it for yourself to repurpose for other household uses, like a cushion for your knees when cleaning low spaces or for a pet’s scratching post.

2. Prep the Room and Gather Tools

You may want to have a crowbar, pliers, gloves, utility knife, dust mask, and knee pads on hand. First, vacuum the carpet to cut down on dust and debris. If you can, temporarily remove doors that swing open into the room to avoid possible obstructions. This might also make new carpet placement easier, if you’re choosing to do that. Then, remove all furniture from the room.

3. Start in the Corner and Roll as You Go

Dislodge one of the corners of the carpet with pliers. You’ll find it’s attached to a piece of wood underneath, known as a tack strip. Once the carpet is loose from that, pull it away from the rest of the walls. If you’re not worried about saving the carpet, cut it into smaller more manageable strips to roll it up one section at a time. Beneath the carpet you’ll find a cushioning pad, which you can remove by the same method.

While these tips may make carpet removal easier for you, remember that you can always call a professional for assistance, if any part of the job seems too daunting.

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