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Should I talk with a bank before buying a home?

Unless you are purchasing the property with cash, YES please talk to a mortgage lender as soon as you are ready to do feet-on-the-ground viewing of properties.  In our current market, homes are selling quickly and those buyers who are preapproved have a better chance of getting an offer accepted and in negotiations.  Choose the lender you are most comfortable working with and who lets you know all your options.


Bonus Question:  Why should I use a real estate agent?

Using a real estate agent is using a professional who has been trained specifically for this career.  The real estate laws change every few months and you need someone who not only can arrange to show you a property….but also to do the correct paperwork, handle negotiations professionally, use his/her network to find properties or buyers, be up to date on legal requirements for purchase, be the go-between for lenders, closing companies, inspectors, appraisers and the buyer or seller, etc.


If you have any other real estate questions you’d like to have answered, please give me a call at 712-574-4600.


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