Puppy Love: How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are rambunctious, curious little creatures that love to explore their surroundings. Before you bring your new buddy home, make sure there aren’t any potential dangers. Follow these steps to puppy proof your home.

Know which plants are toxic: Your azalea may look pretty, but it can do some serious harm. Place toxic plants out of reach or replace them with nontoxic options.

1. Don’t leave medication lying around: You may not think twice about leaving prescription pills on the bathroom counter or in your purse, but if swallowed, they can be poisonous to puppies. Keep all medications (even over-the-counter pills) in your medicine cabinet.

2. Keep lids on trash cans: Since puppies will eat just about anything, make sure to get rid of any temptations in the trash. Keep a secure lid on all trash cans or put them behind a cabinet or door.

3. Keep toilet lids down: Toilet bowls are either filled with harmful bacteria or harsh chemicals. Either way, make sure your puppy stays out of them.

4. Lock up cleaning supplies: Keep all cleaning supplies either in high cabinets or behind child-proof locks. When using sprays, make sure your puppy is out of the room and far away from the harmful vapors.

5. Secure electrical cords: Check for any dangling electrical cords from appliances like lamps or computers. If you have a large collection (i.e. around your TV), secure these with rubber bands or attach cords to the wall with duct tape. You don’t want your puppy chewing on the wires and potentially getting burns or shocks.

6. Block off doors, windows, and stairs: Keep your doors and windows closed to prevent your puppy from escaping and close off stairwells with a baby gate.

7. Pack up human food: What you find delicious could be dangerously delicious. Things like chocolate or grapes should be stored where your puppy can’t access them.

If you follow these pieces of advice, you’ll welcome your new furry friend into a safer home.

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