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You will often hear me say that perception is reality.  Not only when meeting someone in person, but also in your online profile. It is fact that 83% of home buyers begin their home and agent search online.  So, here are some ideas to utilize when creating your online profile.

Consistency is a key point when placing your bio on the different website directories.  If a client reads one bio with your photo on one site, but then finds a different bio with a different photo on another site, they may think they were looking at two different people.  Also, make sure  that each of your profiles have the same phone number – which should be your cell phone.  With over 250 REALTORS in the area, keeping your bio consistent across various platforms is important.

Write your bios in a way that highlights who you are as an agent. We all have different backstories that led us to our career in real estate.  Make sure the client can tell what makes you unique and different from the other real estate agents.  Show them what they would gain by being your client and avoid just telling them that you are great.  Give them the true value that they would receive as your client.

Be personal.  Everyone is looking for a reason that connects them to an agent when looking at their online profile.  It could be family, kids, schools, hometowns, hobbies or even quotes you live by.  The details that you do not share may be the reason they choose someone else.

Have you tried to Google yourself recently?  It is vital that links leading to your real estate bio fill the first page of the Google search rankings.  There are several different online directories for you to showcase your bio.  Here are several that I recommend to our agents to utilize:,,,, their local, state and national REALTOR associations, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.  Also, the key to making this simple is to make sure your brokerage has the knowledge and tools to keep growing your online personality.  Here at CENTURY 21 ProLink, every agent gets their bio on the company and franchise websites, an agent website that gives them even more space to provide content for their clients and a REALSATISFIED landing page.  Also, I encourage agents to utilize the tools of Google Alerts.

Go out now and Google yourself, Google your company and Google your competitor.  Is your online profile the best it can be?

Virginia Anderson






Virginia Anderson

Chief Operating Officer at CENTURY 21 ProLink


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