Office Lead Sources

Recently, I just read a great article that talked about breaking your leads up into two different categories – one is leads from your sphere, and the other is leads from your marketing.  Once divided, you can track where your money is spent within your marketing sphere and know if your marketing is well spent.

I definitely agree with this, but you can also look to grow your business based on the leads from your office.  Even though you should not plan on this being your main lead source, here are some ways that CENTURY 21 ProLink provides value to our agents through leads:

  • Online lead sources.  I just looked at my reports from 2015 and it shows that thousands of leads were received in our office from over 350 different lead sources.  The leads are first directed to the listing agent.  However, if the listing is not with our office, or the listing agent is unavailable, then the lead is passed onto the next agent up in the rotation.
  • Floor time.  Once licensed in two states, then our agents are encouraged to sign up for floor time.  During this time, the agents are given any office phone calls and walk-in clients.  Typically our agents are scheduled five to eight hours of floor time each month.
  • Agent of the week.  A residential and commercial agent are set up each week to receive the calls that come into our voicemail system after hours.  The calls route directly to the agents cell phone number if a client needs assistance.
  • Relocation leads.  These are handed out to agents on a rotation by our broker.  He reviews the criteria the company has given us and looks at the next agents available in the rotation.
  • Friends / Family / Business Associates from staff.  The staff within our office try to stay very engaged within the community.  This provides us with the opportunity to create leads for our agents.

Every phone call, every inquiry and every connection is vital to your career in real estate.  It is important to make sure you are getting every opportunity possible to grow your business.


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