Making Or Accepting An Offer

Making or Accepting an Offer

The negotiation of a real estate transaction can be tricky business. Ideally, it would center on the price, but there are other things that come into play such as timing, home inspection findings and legal requirements.

Receiving offers
Price may be the starting point to ranking an offer. From there, consider any stipulations such as closing dates or inspection requests. If the offer does not meet your requirements, your real estate agent can help develop a counter-offer. Just keep in mind that once you counter-offer, the interested party has the right to completely walk away from the previous offer.

Making an Offer
While considering the current real estate market, analyze recent sales in the area and your financial situation, a CENTURY 21® real estate professional can help you determine a competitive offer price. Your agent may be able to include stipulations in your initial offer that make your offer more viable than others.

Whether you are buying or selling, the negotiation process is serious business. Contact ustoday so we can help you find the path to your new home.

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