Kyle Kovarna Testimonial from Wigton

My husband and I had absolutely no idea what to expect when buying a house, and Kyle (Kovarna) made the whole thing seem easy. I’ve heard horror stories from people about their homebuying process and we didn’t experience any of this. He gave us honest opinions on houses when he could tell we were a little unsure about something. It didn’t feel like he was just “trying to make a sale”, and was genuinely trying to help us find our home! He did a great job on keeping us informed of all that was going on and we never felt lost in the process. He took our call anytime we had a question and never neglected to answer honestly. We were very happy with Kyle. My husband and I loved having someone close to our age helping us out and being honest with us on everything from start to finish. He felt more like a friend than someone who just wanted our business! We highly recommend him to anyone! Wigton

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