Kitchen Magic: 5 Must-Have Features

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you prepare meals for your family, and where you all come together to share those meals. So shouldn’t your kitchen portray that same warmth that you feel? Having a dream kitchen is a goal for many home owners, and while not everything is as easy as waving a wand, there are a few things you can implement that may make your kitchen more beautiful and more practical.

Double Oven

For those who love to cook, a double oven might just be a necessity. Can you imagine how much easier cooking holiday dinners would be if you had two separate ovens? Reduce cooking time with the ability to prepare two dishes at the same time, on different temperatures. Cook potatoes in one oven while roasting your turkey in the other, and you’ll no longer have to start cooking dinner so early.

Kitchen Island

One of the most important things in a perfect kitchen is ample counter space. What better way to get that than with a large island in the center of your kitchen? You might never have to fight for space again when you cook with family or friends. Not to mention, an island can double as a great eating space with the addition of a few bar stools.

China Cabinet

An instant way you can increase style in your kitchen is to install a china cabinet. This piece can allow you to display your glassware and china in a beautiful way, as opposed to hiding them in the back of drawers. If you’re working with a smaller kitchen, you can create the same effect by installing glass panels into your current kitchen cabinets.

High Neck Faucets and Deep Sinks

A larger sink helps you avoid splashing water when you do the dishes. A deep sink fits more dishes, and also gives you more room for washing vegetables or fruits. Add a high neck faucet and it may be even easier to fill pots, pans, and bottles. In addition, these items can make your kitchen look chic and modern.

Hidden Outlets

Have you ever been cooking in a crock pot or using a blender and wishing that you didn’t have to move your tools around the kitchen looking for an outlet? Hidden outlets are one great solution that can make your kitchen both classy and accessible. Have outlets installed under your cabinets, or inside drawers to ensure that you can plug anything in, wherever you’re standing.

With just one of the items on your must-have list, you can move one step closer to the perfect kitchen. What other features would you want to have?

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  1. Pat Hanson says:

    Deep sink with high neck faucets would be fantastic. I have an older very small double sink

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