Kitchen Design Inspiration from CENTURY® 21 Homes

Your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s important that the kitchen is comfortable and functional. We chose a few incredible CENTURY21® kitchens to inspire your decorating decisions!

This kitchen’s monochromatic color scheme, light colored paint, lack of clutter, and extra lighting makes it seem larger. Build an island with storage and maximize cupboard space to create extra space for cutlery, pots and pans, and appliances. Can you spot the fridge? The clean, streamlined look is maximized because the fridge, dishwasher, and garbage cans are all concealed by matching paneling. The island doubles as a seating area so friends and family members can gather around.

We love a white kitchen! It may seem like white and light gray would feel dreary or sterile, but this kitchen feels bright and airy. The lit up cabinets, track lighting, and large hanging lights make the kitchen seem larger. If you have bay windows, take a cue from this kitchen and make a breakfast nook that your family will love.

This kitchen has an open floor plan, making the kitchen appear to be infinite. The cooking area seamlessly transitions into a larger dining space and seating area. Add a built-in desk so that you can finalize paperwork and projects while you are waiting for your perfect soufflé to be ready. We have a feeling that if you recreate this look, your family will spend most of their time together in the kitchen!

If you take these design suggestions you’ll never say, “There’s too many cooks in the kitchen!”


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