How to Build a Winning Home Buying Team

Buying a home is a huge milestone – especially if you are buying for your first time.
Although buying a home is exciting, there is a lot to keep track of and manage. It’s imperative to have a solid team behind you. Aside from having an excellent real estate agent to guide you through showings and the closing process, there are other essential people that you should have on deck.

Meet your home buying team:

1. Real estate agent: Your agent will help you research the homes that cater to your needs, negotiate with the seller, and help you find the rest of your home buying team. (Learn more about how your agent can help you.)

2. Lender: If you’re purchasing a home, you will most likely need a loan. Your lender can come from your bank, mortgage company, credit union, etc. Once you apply for a loan the lender will then decide if you qualify.

3. Home Inspector: An inspector will make sure that the home you hope to purchase is in good shape. Even if the seller has already had the home inspected, it’s a good idea to have someone else double-check and triple-check.

4. Appraiser: An appraiser will determine a “fair price” for the home by evaluating the home and comparing it to similar homes on the market. It is best to have an appraiser come before you negotiate with the seller.

5. Attorney: Your attorney will write contracts, settle any disputes, and review all documents before the closing.

6. Escrow officer: An escrow officer takes care of everything happening during escrow—the amount of time between when the purchase contract is signed and the date of the closing. The officer works for both the buyer and seller. Their main job is to hold onto all the documents and money during escrow, making sure that everything is taken care of.

With a team of professionals to take you step by step through the process, you’ll have a very positive home buying experience so that you can enjoy what matters most – your new home.

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