House Hacks for the Vertically Challenged

You have high hopes. You aim high. You just can’t reach that high. Sound familiar?

You may be vertically challenged but, fear not, there are strategic solutions that will work for you.

1. Built in step stools: Install a pull-out step stool on the bottom in a hidden drawer or cabinet below hard to reach areas like high cabinets. This will make it easier to quickly get into high places without roaming the house for a step stool.

2. Sliding ladder: If you’d like to get really fancy, install a sliding ladder similar to one you’d find in a beautiful library or bookstore. Add one to your pantry so you can always reach the extra sugar.

3. Automated cabinets: It may seem like something only available to the Jetsons but automated cabinets exist in 2015. With a push of a button, the cabinets open and the shelves slide down to a level that’s easier to reach.

4. Customized counter and cabinet heights: If you’re redesigning a bathroom or kitchen, build counters and cabinets that are customized to a height that is better for you. Yes, this might make it harder to sell in the long run, but if you don’t plan on selling soon it could make daily activities more convenient.

Being vertically challenged doesn’t have to put a damper on your everyday life! Reach for the stars (or at least the cleaning products on the top shelf) with our tips.

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