Hoe To Sell in the Online Marketplace

Before you go into hibernation, enjoy the last bit of cool weather by sifting through your garage and make a little cash by selling a few things online (or, have a traditional garage sale–it’s more fun!). With online marketplaces and classifieds, it’s super easy to unload a few of those bulky items, and put a little cash in the gift-buying stash before winter hits.

  • Have plenty of detailed, high quality pictures. They don’t have to look like they’re from a photo shoot, but they should be good enough to show the details of the items.
  • Write a great description of your item. Try to answer as many questions as you can about the items so that you make the sale a little faster. Or, think about creating a quick webpage and include the link for more information in your post.
  • Make sure appliances and gadgets actually work, wash clothes you plan to sell and make sure other items are clean and in good condition. Electronics and vintage items are always popular.
  • Strategically price your items to get them to sell quickly. Do a check to see how much other sellers are asking for similar items and price yours accordingly. Less expensive means they’ll sell faster, but too low will make buyers think something is wrong with them.
  • Get ready to answer e-mails from buyers as soon as your listing or auction goes live. You want to get buyers the info they want before they move on to other sellers.

Selling some of your items online is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It’s a good way to make a few bucks with only a little bit of effort.

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