The Happy Side of A Career in Real Estate

There are a lot of great things about being a real estate agent….


  • As I walk around the office right now, there are only 2 agents in the office working.  Are they taking a nap?  maybe.  Are they working?  Maybe.  Are they enjoying coffee at the local coffee shop?  Maybe.  I really don’t know and don’t care.  They are taking care of themselves, their family and their clients and recruiting new business on their own schedule.  They come see us when they need us.


  • Want to get involved in helping the community?  GREAT!  This is an awesome way to get your name out and to meet new people.  Plus, you get to use your time to give back to a great cause.


  • High income potential – there isn’t a cap


  • You can schedule your priorities.  And then schedule work around those priorities.


  • You get to help your friends and family as they make their largest purchase.


  • You set your own brand and who you are is part of who your brand is.  You are representing yourself and who you stand for.


  • If you want to stop what you are doing to see your kids – go ahead.  No one is going to stop you.  Or, if you see there is rain in the forecast and you want to go for a run before the rain comes, take off and do it.


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