“Going Green” Before Iowa “Goes White” This Winter


Winter is just around the corner here in Iowa.  As the season of white approaches, it is a great time to consider how “going green” can really save you on your energy costs.  Whether building a new home, or updating your existing home, there are many possibilities to making or improving your home’s energy efficiency; from simply changing out your light bulbs and appliances to those more efficient, to installing a high efficiency furnace, complete geothermal heating system, or solar panels.  Regardless of the extent of your commitment on “going green”, there are many tax incentives and/or rebates available.  For a comprehensive list of links for incentives on various products go to www.iowaenergycenter.org

According to ENERGY STAR®, Iowan families spend more than half of their household energy bill on heating and cooling.  Although that is a significant amount, families can cut those costs drastically by making some simple improvements.  According to the National Association of Realtors®, nearly nine out of 10 recent home buyers said that heating and cooling costs were somewhat or very important when considering a home for purchase.  For this reason, homes with energy efficient and environmentally friendly features are often a priority to prospective buyers.

The concept of “Going Green” has turned out to be more than just a fad.   Realtors® have been an integral part of the process and have the knowledge and expertise to assist buyers in finding the home that encompasses their various “Green Living” wishes.  As desire of having high efficiency systems in homes and businesses becomes increasingly important, consumers will place higher values on those properties.

Your local Realtor® is a great resource for finding out about the value of “green” properties; and don’t delay, the “white” is on the way!


Sources: National Association of Realtors®, Energy Star® and www.iowaenergycenter.org

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