Driveway Detective: Tips for Assessing a Driveway When You Buy

Thought-out floor plans, updated kitchen appliances, and abundant backyard space may be perks you’re searching for when trying to find your dream home, but a seemingly minor aspect may make or break the sale — and it’s right under your feet. An attractive driveway boosts curb appeal and sets the tone for the entire home. You don’t want to come home to a dilapidated driveway every day after work, so here’s what to look out for when making the drive to the big decision.

Don’t step on the crack:

Cracks and crumbling, sunken areas in a driveway usually mean there are weeds growing underneath. The option of tearing apart and repaving could be in the cards, but wouldn’t you rather spend your money on other household projects?

Sharing is caring:

…except when you’re sharing a driveway with your neighbor. In some urban neighborhoods, cohabiting the same driving space with dwellers surrounding you is the norm. If you’re not comfortable with constant communication in the early morning hours, perhaps this might not be the right home for you.

Keep a watchful eye:

A security system in your home is commonplace nowadays. Having a driveway sensor to detect suspicious movement around the entrance of your home would give your entire family an additional sense of safety while you’re at the office or school for the entire day. While more of a perk than a necessity, the luxury of having heightened protection can give the home a desirable edge.

A worthy investment:

Looks matter in a lot of departments, including your driveway. Gravel driveways are economically easy to make and maintain, while a timeless cobblestone path gives the home upscale undertones. Attractive paths tend to lead towards more impressive interiors, so the bar is already set high from the moment you park the car.

Keep these tips in mind when you go to your next open house — they may make all the difference!

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