Creative Ways to Hide Your Mess

You’ll feel happier at home if your home is clean and organized. Unfortunately, there are sometimes unexpected messes like laundry baskets, wires, and oddly placed items. Don’t worry, there are unique and creative ways to hide the clutter and create an even more organized home!

  1. Laundry baskets: Hide your laundry basket in a cabinet, deep drawer, or closet. It’ll make bedrooms look neater, and you won’t have to stare at overflowing baskets before laundry day.
  1. Wires: No one likes looking at a mess of tangled wires. Hide them in a decorative box! Tip: Do this simple DIY by Sweet Sanity.
  1. Printers: If you have a printer or scanner that is bulky and doesn’t have a proper place in the home, find a drawer to keep it in. Simply remove a few hinges from the drawer and “voila,” it’s hidden! Tip: Do this DIY from Apartment Therapy
  1. Light Switch: If there is an oddly placed light switch or outlet, create a gallery wall. It will distract onlookers from the random placement and add decor to your home!
  1. Pet Bowls: Turn a low drawer into a pet feeding hutch. Tip: Do this DIY from Fresh Home.

There are so many ways to hide little messes in your home. If you don’t like looking at these small eyesores, there is a way to fix it! Be creative, use your imagination, and you can create an even neater home.

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