Community Spotlight: Broyhill Company

The Broyhill Company represents America’s broadest, most comprehensive line of sprayers and liquid application equipment, plus it is located right here in Siouxland.  The company was founded in 1946 in Dakota City, Nebraska, and began as a producer of equipment for the chemical spraying and special application industries. Over the years, they have expanded their production into other industries. In the early 1960’s, Broyhill expanded their line to include turf, industrial, and lawn and garden. ATV and spot spraying equipment were introduced in the early 1980s and then in 1994 their greens brushes for golf courses were introduced.

What I believe to be Broyhill’s most amazing creation was launched in 1977. The LOAD-AND-PACK Refuse Collection Vehicle. This is the only vehicle available of its kind and it has been used in major park and recreation departments across the United States and in municipalities both foreign and domestic.

Broyhill’s LOAD-AND-PACK is built with time efficiency and power in mind. The Hydraulic grip arms lift up to 500 pounds in 26 to 90 gallon containers. The LOAD-AND-PACK picks up more than 400 containers daily with only one operator.  As your reading this article, there are fleets of these vehicles keeping America’s beaches and parks clean and looking great for our enjoyment! For more information regarding the LOAD-AND-PACK from Broyhill visit

Who knew? Keeping America picked up, starts right here in Siouxland!

Jennifer Rose BassWritten by Commercial Agent, Jennifer Rose Bass


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