Here Comes the Sun: How to Prepare Your Home or Spring

Open the windows. Come out of hibernation. Spring is just around the corning! Rejoice by getting your home in shape for spring.

1. Inspect air conditioning units: Hire a professional to install or examine your air conditioner. Clean the filters and replace them as needed because dirty filters make the system work harder, increasing energy costs.

2. Change the doormats: Doormats collect a lot of dirt. By the end of winter, your doormat has seen better days. Buy a new doormat to reduce the amount of dirt and grime that is carried into your home.

3. Prep the outdoor areas: Dreaming of lounging by the pool, playing soccer, or dining al fresco? Get your outdoor space ready. Take out the patio furniture, power wash your deck, and plan your gardening.

4. Inspect the roof: After a rough winter of holding heavy snow and ice, your roof may be in need of some TLC. Take a pair of binoculars and inspect your roof from the ground level. Check to see if there are any leaks, broken shingles, or other damages. If you spot something, hire a professional to come repair it.

5. Repair broken walkways: Snow takes a heavy toll on the grounds around your home. The snow and sleet may have caused cracks in your driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. To make sure that the perimeter of your home is safe, check for cracks and fix any problems.

These tips can make your home safer and help you get ready for spring!


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