Build Your Business Plan


Can you believe we are just a few months from 2014?  As a real estate agent, you are the CEO, COO and the CFO of your business.  So, as the new year quickly approaches us, it is time to start planning for your next year.  With over 102,000 REALTORS in the CENTURY 21® System, the franchise is able to analyze and put together goals for agents based on their target.

CENTURY 21 provide an agent financial tools platform that are no-cost to you.  The application helps you define your current economic standing and develop a customized financial plan to help you achieve long-term productivity and profitability goals.  By imputing your financial information, you can quickly and easily determine how many sides you must close and what your level of prospecting should be to meet your financial goals.  You can even go as detailed as helping you create a personal/family budget and a business budget with an eye towards retirement.

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