Bring on the Patterns: How to Combine Designs with Confidence

Usually when it comes to options, more is better, but that may not be how you feel when you get to a home decor store. There is an overwhelming number of fabric, color, and style options. Don’t worry.

Take a deep breath and remind yourself that even the pros use formulas to create the styled rooms we all love. Use these tips and techniques to create a home you’ll love.

Adopt the Rule of One: One floral, one stripe, one check, and so on. Use this approach to limit your selection to no more than one of each so that you won’t have to worry about similar patterns clashing. Create a cohesive design by selecting similarly colored detail pieces like throw blankets, pillows and vases.

Start Small: If you’re uneasy about decorating with a large-scale or dominant pattern, use it in small doses. Decorative pillows are a great way to introduce patterns into your space without needing to make a big change.

Live Large: The larger the room, the bolder your use of patterns can be. To create a more intimate feeling in a big space, repeat a pattern or two. For example, use the fabric from window treatments on a chair cushion.

Give Texture a Try: Not into big blooms and colorful stripes? Create an alluring room by combining textures like hard wood and rugs and fabric in a variety of textures.

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