10 Secrets for Making Your Bedroom Feel Larger

In the words of David Bowie, you can make a few small “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes” to make your bedroom feel much larger with these ten tips.

1. Use Light Colored Paint: When Women’s Day author Kim Fusaro interviewed Sabrina Soto, one of Target’s Home Style Experts, she learned to paint rooms light colors because, “light colors reflect and multiply light, while dark colors absorb it.” Colors like “cream, beige, light grayish-blue and lavender” are good choices for making small spaces feel larger. (Women’s Day)

2. Incorporate Mirrors: Wall mirrors help to make a room feel larger, and making an entire wall a mirror, will make a room feel like it is double the size! (Lowe’s)

3. Use Sheer Curtains: Interior Designers at Pottery Barn recommend using sheer curtains to, “create an airy sense of openness.” If you would like opaque curtains for privacy and controlling brightness, “use a double rod to layer opaque drapes over sheers.” (Pottery Barn)

4. Combat Clutter: Clutter makes a room look smaller – combat clutter for once and for all!

5. Use Multipurpose Pieces: Use multipurpose pieces such as an ottoman with built-in storage. Other multipurpose pieces include beds with built-in drawers and benches with space for storage boxes. (Nest)

6. Add Extra Lighting: The team at Lowe’s recommend enhancing a small space by using recessed spot lighting, a torchiere light, skylights, and solar tubes.

7. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme: According to the experts at Lowe’s you should, “use a monochromatic color scheme on the furniture, rugs, and walls.” They recommend using, “different shades and textures of your single color.” (Lowe’s)

8. Paint the Ceiling: The team at Apartment Therapy suggest painting ceilings a light color because, “Generally a light ceiling will allow your eye to pass upward without distraction and give the impression of a larger space, so a light ceiling will make your room seem bigger.” (Apartment Therapy)

9. Buy Large Furniture: Although it seems counterintuitive, having one large piece of furniture as opposed to a lot of tiny pieces will make the room seem airier. (Nest)

10. Utilize Vertical Space:Style at Home’s expert, Lynda Felton, recommends using vertical space. She explains that, “Whether you’re hanging art or shelves, or placing furniture, don’t let vertical space go to waste. Using it is practical, providing a display space for art, for example, and it also draws the eye up, making a space feel more expansive than it actually is.” (Style at Home)

We want to hear from you! What are your tips for making a room seem larger?

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