Freaky Friday House Superstitions

Beware of the black cat! Whether you call them superstitions, old wives’ tales, or tall tales, there are so many spooky superstitions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

There are some common superstitions that can strike no matter where you are — for example, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and black cats, can all cause bad luck. Did you know that there are also common superstitions that occur inside a home? Don’t worry, here are some helpful tips.

1. Don’t move an old broom: If you’re moving into a new house, it is said to never bring your old broom with you. It’s believed that all of your bad luck will come with you into the new home. Out with the old, in with the new. Buy a new broom for your new home. (House Logic)

2. Say no to sharp objects: Don’t give or receive knives and other sharp objects as gifts. According to Apartment Guide’s Courtney Craig, “It symbolizes a cutting of your friendship – in other words, your friend will soon become an enemy, according to Italian folklore. If you must accept it, pay the giver a penny, which will reverse the curse.” We know what we won’t be bringing to housewarming parties! (Apartment Guide)

3. No shoes on the table: Never put shoes on a table because it will bring you bad luck. It’s also unsanitary, this is a good rule to follow whether you believe in superstitions or not. (

4. Beware of multiples of three: It’s important to stay away from staircases that have steps in multiples of three. If you can, stay away from all odd number stairs, since multiples of three are said to be the number one cause of bad luck. It’s best to have even numbers all around your home, especially on your stairs. (Apartment Guide)

5. Carry rice into your home: If you’re moving into a new home, congratulations! Carry a full container of rice the first time you walk through the threshold. Rice is said to bring prosperity and peace, which is why people throw rice at weddings. Bringing uncooked rice into your home can be a recipe for happiness (and risotto). (Apartment Guide)

6. Paint your front porch blue: Legend says that if you paint your front porch blue, it will keep ghosts away. According to the superstition, ghosts can’t cross water. The blue paint will confuse the ghosts into thinking your porch is a body of water and they’ll stay away. You may want to quit your day job in favor of painting porches and ghost busting. (House Logic)

7. Scatter coins in your living room: Scattering coins in your living room is good luck. On the first day of living in your new home, throw some coins on the floor and prosperity may come to you. (Apartment Guide)

Follow these tips and you might get lucky in your new home.

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