10 Incredible Home Organization Tips

Organization may seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be! Our fun and efficient organization tips will keep your home looking tidy and spacious. Who doesn’t love a great, inexpensive, home hack?

1. Bathroom Towel Rack: Towel space is important in a bathroom. Use a coat rack as a towel rack.

2. Produce Baskets: Baskets are perfect for storing produce and supplies. They also look charming, if we do say so ourselves!

Martha Stewart

3. DIY Chalkboard Bins: Use chalkboard paint to label what is in each of your storage bins. You’ll know what you need – without having to take down the bin.

Here’s What’s Cooking

4. Mason Jar Organizers: Clear jars make it easy to spot what you’re looking for and you can save valuable real estate on your desk! 


5. Letter Holder: Recycle an old shutter by using it as a letter holder!


6. Magnetic Tool Holder It’s easy to lose your tools in a cluttered garage. Keep your nails and bolts neat, tidy, and visible by making a magnetic tool holder.


7. Ladder Laundry Rack: Add extra space to your laundry room! Paint a small wooden ladder and hang it from the ceiling. Add hooks and start hanging your laundry to dry.


8. Wine Rack to Office Storage: Turn a regular wine rack into an office storage tool by putting in cups filled with pens, markers, or other office supplies.

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9. Magnetic Spice Holders:
 Yikes! It can be so hard to find the right spice. Organize your spices by making magnetic spice holders that you can put on your fridge. Find the right thing, every time, and save space.

One Lucky Pickle

10. Jewelry Organizer: Turn a mirror frame and fabric into a DIY jewelry organizer. It saves space and it looks beautiful – fashion is art!

The Plunge Project

We’ll be back again soon with more organization tricks that will help your home feel clean and comfortable! In the meantime, you may like our series on styling different areas around your home!


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