Community Spotlight: Sioux Honey Association

Sioux Honey Association (Sue Bee Honey) has a global market, but the company headquarters are here in Sioux City at Business 75 and 3rd street.  From its start in 1921 by five local honey producers the company has been home grown and so have the executives.

David AlliboneDavid Allibone is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sioux Honey.  He started his career with “Sue Bee Honey” in the 8th grade in 1966 in Winner, South Dakota.  David Allibone was looking for a job to keep him busy during the summer.  His father suggested he work for a local beekeeper who was a member of Sioux Honey Association.  David got the job, worked at it through high school, and returned to it during his first summer break from college.  Dave graduated from Dakota State College in 1973 with a degree in business administration and went straight to Sioux City to begin a 41 year career with Sue Bee Honey.

David started with the Association in 1974 in the Member Relations Department, and just as the title implies, his job was to provide service and information to the Association’s Members.  He was made Director of the department in 1981, and Vice President of Administration in 1986.  In 1992, he was named Executive Vice President.  In 2004, David was named President and CEO of Sioux Honey Association.

Today, David oversees an Association membership that includes approximately 300 Members from locations around the country, and Sue Bee Honey is processed in plants located in Sioux City, Iowa; Anaheim, California; and Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

For all that growth, the process of getting the honey from the hive to your kitchen has remained relatively unchanged over the years.  Although there are some larger beekeeping operations, beekeeping is a mostly generational business, handed down like the family farm.

Today Sue Bee Honey is the most recognized honey brand in the United States.  Not only is it marketed in all 50 states, it has a global presence that extends to the Middle East, Far East, and South and Central America.

Allibone said, “Sioux City has remained the home of Sioux Honey Association even with the rapid growth in our overall business in the past few years.  The lifestyle of Sioux City fits the culture of our business.  The quality of the employees assures Sioux City will remain our home.”


Arlene CurryWritten by Commercial Agent, Arlene Curry


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